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Mihir Shah founded Mr. Web-D in 2019 with Bhumika Shah realizing that the majority of small businesses are still limited to offline sales and services in the present era of the digital world because of less exposure about how digital platform works and how it is useful to them. Their idea is to support small businesses by creating an online presence for them and help them understand their customers with the right metrics and outshine in the world of digitalization.



Mr. web-D is well known and serving its expertise to its clients since 2019 virtually. Our main aim is to create an online presence for our clients helping them with their Websites, Paid Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Insights Analysis, etc. So that they can outshine their services or products on the competitive digital platform. In the world of the digital era don't let your business be limited to offline services.



Mihir Shah


Bhumika Shah
Co - Founder

About Us

Our Mission is to help businesses transform digitally from the traditional way and help them grow in this competitive digital world and help them understand their customers. 

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